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Paint Protection Film

Platinum Automotive Center offers the ultimate paint protection products for your vehicle. Keep your paint pristine with a clear paint protection film (PPF).

Clear Paint Protection Shield For Cars & Trucks

We are proud to carry 3M Clear Bra Car Paint Protection Products, considered by many in the industry to be the top of the line. This durable thermoplastic urethane film is designed to go over any exterior painted surface on your car. PPF allows for extra protection for the high-impact areas that may otherwise experience damage from dirt, gravel, salt, rocks, insects, or other small road debris.

By protecting the leading edge of your vehicle from chip damage with the virtually invisible film, you’ll be improving the longevity of your paint without sacrificing the look or shine of your car.

Charleston Paint Protection Film Installation

All of our products are computer cut to ensure a rapid and damage-free installation. The film is then expertly placed and positioned by an experienced installer. We pay attention to even the most minor details, ensuring that the transparent shielding is nearly invisible and only enhances the car’s look.

Platinum Automotive Center has been protecting and repairing cars in the Charleston area for over 40 years. We offer various solutions to protect your car’s exterior, including ceramic coating, exterior detailing, wax coating, and paint protection film installation. In addition, we take great pride in educating our customers about the best ways to keep their vehicles looking stunning, whether for a show or daily driving.